What has NOT worked…

In the second part of this topic I want to go over the things that I have tried to beat premature ejaculation, that have not worked or shown signs of success. 

With many men becoming so desperate to cure their premature ejaculation, there are many products on the market that seek to cash in and take advantage. Most products of this nature do not work at all and have no research or facts to back them up either. I dread to think of the amount of money and time that I’ve wasted over the years.

Like most, the first options that I went for were the easiest and quickest. I went online, had a quick look around, and found various ‘numbing sprays and creams. A few days later they arrived and was excited to give them a go at the thought it would be the miracle cure! That excitement quickly faded when I realised they were not only super impractical but also just didn’t really work for me. They were messy, the smell was awful and I didn’t like the sensation of literally having no sensation! One time my partner also got an unintended dose which made the whole experience less pleasurable for her too. I’d definitely say give them go as you may get on better than I did but, for me personally, they were a cure crossed off the list.

After that I started to look into the different types of techniques that can be used. One that everyone has heard of is the ‘distraction’. In essence, you simply occupy your mind with something else before you reach the point of no return. I learned the hard way that this is much easier said than done and unfortunately had no progress with this method.

Masturbating before sex is another common one. While this does indeed offer some small benefit. I personally found that it dropped my libido too much. When your in the mood and then you masturbate, you are no longer in the mood. This became extremely frustrating so I didn’t stick at this technique for very long.

There is a back story as to why I gave up very quickly when it came to kegel exercises. I learnt all about them, how to perform them etc and the extra control they give over the ejaculatory muscles. This was great until I then realised that I was actually performing involuntary kegels during sex and, this actually CAUSES premature ejaculation. It’s kind of like you are trying to ejaculate without realising and your muscles are tensed. There is an exercise to perform a REVERSE kegel which I then changed to.

In conclusion there are many, many products on the market to beat premature ejaculation but not all of them will work. What works for me will not necessarily work for you as the cause of premature ejaculation differs between people. My advice would be to give everything a go at least once to get an idea of what will work for you and is therefore worth pursuing.


What HAS worked…

I’m going to break this into 2 parts. In this post I’ll go through what HAS helped me, and then in the next post I’ll go over what I’ve tried that HASNT helped me. Remember that each person varies when it comes to premature ejaculation as there are many different causes for the issue. What works for me, may or may not help you bit it’s certainly worth looking further into.

When I began I search around the web for a cure I realised that it was a minefield with so many different ways to end premature ejaculation. I’ve tried a few over the years such as medications, guides and programmes. I’ve found the most consistent results by following step by step guides and I’ll detail more on this below.

The mayo clinic detail how to perform kegel exercises. The kegel exercise strengthens the pc muscles which are the muscles used in ejaculation. In theory, if these muscles are stronger then you can use them to hold off a premature ejaculation from occurring. 

Now, here’s the big caveat. The problem I had was that I kept seeing these kegel exercises mentioned everywhere but after research found I was actually involuntarily kegeling without realising. My pc muscle was too tight which was not helping with my premature ejaculation. This seems to very rarely be mentioned anywhere. I’m not sure if that’s because it is uncommon or maybe most just simply don’t know about it.

By realising I was involuntarily kegeling, I could then make am effort to not do it. This took some time and a lot of practice but it did help me.

I have had a little success some numbing sprays although I don’t think my issue is oversensitivity. They have enabled me to last slightly longer but, not every time. They are very hit and miss for me. I’m also not keen on the fact they take away all feeling from sex.

There is also a step by step guide that I have had great success with called ejaculation guru. I was sceptical at first but ended up glad I bought it. It contains an awful lot of information and techniques you can use that really do help. I first learnt about it by reading a review at premature man.

Masturbation is also something else that has greatly helped but not just for the sake of masturbating! When trying to learn and master new techniques the last thing you want to be doing is trying to learn every time you have intercourse. This is where masturbating comes in. You can practice with yourself until you are comfortable and confident enough to try out your new found stamina with a partner

In conclusion I have success in varying degrees when trying to treat my premature ejaculation. Some methods have certainly worked better than others although I do think that by trying multiple cures there is an accumalitive effect. I think just finding one thing that works and then quitting would not be anywhere near as effective.

Be sure to check out some of the methods that have helped me as it may give you a foundation to work up on when treating your own premature ejaculation. In the next post I will cover the topic of what I have tried that had NOT helped me – unfortunately there a quite a few things pencilled in for that list!

The story so far…

I’ve had premature ejaculation since the beginning, for as long as I can remember.

Over the years I have tried various things to treat the problem although, not as consistently and thoroughly as I should.

In the last couple of years i decided to change this and take action to overcome the problem. I have actually used techniques, guides and medication to make my premature ejaculation better.

In my earlier years, I simply found it easier to try and ignore the problem. The issue then though was that I eventually began to shy away from having sex at all. I later realised that this had actually made the problem worse and I could have been using that time to actively solve the problem.

Like many men with premature ejaculation. I’ve had to deal with my fair share of embarrassment and humiliation over the years. I even had one instance where I was laughed at so hard, I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me! It certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience.

It was after scenarios like this that I began to realise something had to be done. I needed to knuckle down and actively work on saving this problem or face a life of misery in the bedroom.

I searched the internet high and low for all the possible cures and, let me tell you, there are hundreds if not thousands of so called ‘cures’ that done absolutely nothing for me. This may be different for each man though and perhaps many just weren’t right for me individually.

Most recently I have found the best results from using kegel exercises and the edging technique. I will describe this in detail in a future post and go more in depth to how the exercises should be performed and how they can be used.

The key that I found to making any improvement was to keep persevering. Even when it seems that nothing is working, keep going and stick it out. The reason I say this is because I had a few instances where what I had been using appeared to be doing nothing for me and then, all of a sudden I would start to see a gradual improvement. I honestly think that with certain things, it just takes a while for your body and mind to adjust to what you are doing.

Once you start to see results, no matter how small, it drives you to do more. I literally found myself researching and practicing whenever I had any time spare. This in turn then brings more results so as you can see, what starts out as the tiniest improvement escalates into a bigger and bigger improvement.

As I said earlier in the post, in the near future I will write more about exactly what has helped me and how found particular treatments to be. Some are easy to follow but then some take some real commitment and determination to see them through to the end.

I hope this has helped to give some background on my particular situation and maybe even inspired you to take the bull by the horns and take action. Don’t be like me and just ignore it. It’s only wasting time and actually making the problem far worse than it needs to be!